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Not All Black Men Are Studs. Some Are Sissy Cuckolds

May 13th, 2008 by XXX Amanda

Not all black men are studs. Yes, you read that right. Not all black men are studs. I am here to tell you about a sissy bitch cuckold that does distance training and he is black. Of course he is not as small as some of you white guys (measuring in at 6 inches), but not all cuckolds have little dicks anyway, but rather like the humiliation of cuckolding or watching their partner, and a kabillion other scenarios.

Anyway this little black cuckold understands that he is not a stud and in my book is a big plus to women everywhere. Being a black cuckold does come with it’s problems though. He does face a unique issue that white guys will not face though. He likes the humiliation of being forced to suck white cock which is the reverse of what many white cuckolds fantasize about, but the issue is the size. It is difficult enough to find people wanting to participate in this type of fantasy play, and more so since there are so many white guys with little to average sized dicks wanting the big black cock scenario, and so few hung white guys that would wanna let a dude suck em off….and he likes interracial, but black cock wins with the bestest cock hands down.

The reason I am sharing a black cuckold’s plight with you is so that you will beware of it for one, and to realize that against all odds that this black sissy cuckold has managed to make his dreams a reality thru a Dominatrix. So it just goes to show that there is hope for everyone to experience a cuckolding experience if they really want to. Beyond the whole Dominatrix thing, I think this particular cuckold will attain his ultimate goals because he is good looking, polite, smart, and knows what he wants. He has tried things to see if he likes them, and he is now in the position to move ahead and find a girl who would get off on cuckolding a black man.

I mean that has to be an attractive experience for a woman to cuckold a little black man after having already been there and done that with a white guy. It is something new and exciting, and cuckoldresses thrive on things different and new.

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