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A Fight With My Cuckold

Video Price: $20.00134-018.jpg
Video Title: A Fight With My Cuckold
Video Length: 6 minutes

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This video is hysterical. I will show all the cuckolds why they SHOULD NOT MASTURBATE WITHOUT PERMISSION. In this video, my plan was to give my cuckold blueballs, and then jerk him off as a reward. So I started jerking and jerking and jerking his little dick, but unfortunately I did not get any results. He was unable to get it up. lol I refused to let his short comings interfere with my video shoot.

I humiliated him and started sissifying him since he is not able to get an erection. I mean he is not even a real man. My cuckold was angry, and we had an argument which forced us to break the shoot, only the camera was still rolling. (I included some of that footage too.) See how I humiliated him, and I took the first steps of sissifying my pathetic limp dick cuckold. lol

For what it is worth, this is my favorite video to date since I included some behind the scenes footage of our argument. You can really get a feel what it is like to be my cuckold. Five stars for sure:)